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Court Support

We empower survivors by accompanying them to court, supporting them with requesting protective orders, or .

Resource Referrals

We assist survivors by providing referrals to resources such as affordable housing and child care, legal advice from

pro bono attorneys, and assisting with benefit applications.


Face It Mom offers a wide variety of events for families to attend to give mothers a chance to spend time with their child(ren) and other families. 

Pastoral Counseling

Face It Mom offers Pastoral Counseling. 

Support Groups

We facilitate mother support groups to reflect, connect, and empower others in similar situations.

DSS Custody Prevention

Face It Mom supports mothers in their efforts to reunify with their children. We help bridge the gap between DSS and mother.  

Parenting Education & Support

We offer parenting education and support with the goal of reunification with children

Exit Plan Development

We help mothers develop a safe exit plan to flee from Domestic Violence.


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